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Music-Sports Marketing/Promotions

Our team will drive 100% REAL organic fans to your music with our Spotify promotional services. All tracks are promoted across Universal Music Group’s private network of fans that are targeted specifically by your genre of music, demographic, etc. Our goal is to pinpoint the exact type of fan who is most likely to become a fan of yours both now and into the future. In addition, your track(s) will also be promoted across our networks.  Music-Sports Alliance members receive a 15% discount on all services. MSL players receive a 25% discount on all services. 

We only need you to provide us with your Spotify track link(s) to the track(s) you would like promoted after you have ordered. Streams are not guaranteed (guaranteeing streams is illegal, and, in most cases, are not authentic, so, Spotify will not pay you a royalty for it), however, we 100% guarantee that your song(s) will be promoted until the targeted number of streams you have ordered are delivered and listened to by the fans across both networks.

NOTE: Royalties are paid out on every stream that your track(s) receives. The current royalty rate is about $.003 per play. Plays from premium users currently pay out about $.0058 per play. It usually takes Spotify 30-90 days to payout depending on your distributor. The higher amount of streams you receive the more money you will receive in royalties on your next statement. The quality of your content will determine how many plays you receive over what we deliver within your campaign. However, please understand that your royalty payout could be much smaller depending on the terms you have agreed to with the distributor you have used.



  • Target # of streams 10,000+ 
  • 1-2  Songs promoted 
  • 5-10 Day Campaign
  • 24/7 Client Support




  • Target # of streams 20,000+ 
  • 1-4 Song Promoted
  • 10-14 Day Campaign
  • 24/7 Client Support




  • Target # of streams 50,000+ 
  • 1-10 Songs promoted
  • 10-20 Day Campaign
  • 24/7 Client Support