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B Menace, 2022 



By Gerald Jimenez

November 10th, 2022  

The 7-Cities Song vs Song Series concluded with an epic playoff game on Oct 29th at Rough House Boxing & Fitness Center in Hampton, VA. The playoff game consisted of game 1 winner, Washko, Hampton, VA;  game 2 winner, B Menace, Suffolk, VA.; game 3 winner, Ruler Rone, VA Beach, VA.; game 4 winner, Lil Nanci, Portsmouth, VA.; and wildcard game-winner, Seven Phive Lou, Portsmouth, VA. as they competed for the for first SvS title.

Song vs Song Series (SvS), a part of the Independent Artist Competition Series (IACS) Universe, takes music competition to a whole new level by conducting it as an organized pro sport. The sport is the independent artists competing with their songs and performances as the players but under an NFL/NBA-like infrastructure. Songs are drafted to compete over 5-virtual games. Games are contested as single-elimination tournaments and displayed on MSL's website for people to listen and vote alongside IACS judges, who score the matches.  Each game's winner clinches a playoff berth to compete for the SvS title.

On Oct 29th, 2022, MSL conducted the world's first-ever live music performance game and, to the credit of the music-sports athletes, displayed music-performance sports as a competitive and entertaining platform for the first time in front of a live audience. When all the dust settled, B Menace was left standing after defeating Washo in the championship match winning both rounds. B Menace's performances displayed charisma, and quality songs while demanding attention from the audience, clearly showing why he's one of the hottest artists in Hampton Roads. 

On Nov 4th, B Menace performed live on the Hampton Roads Show, where he was presented with the SvS championship belt on the show by MSL Commissioner, Juan A. Thompson.